Xinpuguang 1200 Watt On-grid Micro Inverter System Kits Connect Solar Panel

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Micro Inverter WVC1200
System Function
• Power line carrier-current communication
By using electric power as a carrier of AC alternating current, can modulate high-frequency and carrier frequency (60KHz) in AC wire transmission and can achieve the communication/ newsletter between inverters or between inverter and computer. And it can transfer the power data. Also monitor all functions of inverter.
1.Carrier frequency: 60KHZ(Frequency customizable);
2. Interface way: TTL level serial interface;
3.Carrier rate: 300BPS;
4. Serial rate: 9600PS(Can customize according to customers request);
5. Modulation mode : FSK+DSSS;
6.Newsletter distance:400m;

Mirco Inverter
Solar Panel Open Circuit Voltage Range: 36-50VOC
Peak Power Tracking Voltage: 22-45V
Min/Max Start Voltage: 22-50V
Maximum DC Short Circuit Current: 40A
Maximum input operating current: 15A
Output Parameters: @120VAC/@230VAC
Peak output power: 1200Watt
Rated output power:1150Watt
Rated output current:9.58/5A
Rated voltage range: 80-160VAC/180-260VAC
Rated frequency range:57-62.5Hz/47-52.5Hz
Power factor: >99%
Number of connected units per string circuit: 3 sets(Single Phase)/6 set(Single Phase)
Output efficiency: @120VAC/@230VAC
Static MPPT efficiency: 99.50%
Maximum Output Efficiency: 91.2%
Night-time power loss: <1W
THD: <5%
Operating temperature range: -40℃to +60℃
Dimension (L×W×H): 370mm×305mm×38mm
Net weight: 2.85kg
Waterproof grade: IP65
Heat dissipation mode: self-cooling
Communication mode: 433/462MH zwireless communication
Power transmission mode: Reverse transfer, load priority
Electromagnetic compatibility: EN50081.part1   EN50082.part1
Grid disturbance: "EN61000-3-2 Safety
Grid detection: DIN VDE 1026 UL1741
Certificate: CEC,CE

✈ 1. After the solar power generation system is installed correctly, do the following test preparation work before the AC power-up:

(1) Please check whether all the plugs connected well, whether it is loosely connected;

(2) Measure all L-N, L-G, N-G of each branch, in order to no short circuit, if there is a short circuit, please correct;

(3) Complete the above preparation work and prepare the test run;

✈ 2. the time point of test run, please select noon and the sunshine is the most strong time of the local time;

✈ 3. To connect AC power to see if each inverter is on the green light or fast flashing;

✈ 4. Please measure each branch's AC voltage of the AC endpoint V1 (as shown in the figure) at the system full load output (Max. output);

✈ 5. Please measure AC voltage of the grid-connecting point V2 (as shown in the figure) at the system full load output (Max. output);

✈ 6. The voltage difference between V1 and V2 must be less than 5V, if more than 5V then the load capacity of the main/branch cable is not enough;

✈ 7. Micro Inverter of 230V version: please ensure that the grid-connecting point voltage V2 is in this range: 190V~252V;

✈ 8 Micro Inverter of 120V version: please ensure that the grid-connecting point voltage V2 is in this range: 90V~152V;

✈ 9 Strictly unplug the inverter connector with electricity, power grid MUST be cut off while unplugging!

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