Xinpuguang 20W Monocrystalline 12V Solar Panel kit

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Xinpuguang 20W Monocrystalline 12V Solar Panel  kit

✈Solar Panel
Maximum Power (Pmax):20W
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) : 21.6V
Short Circuit Current (Isc):1.33A
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp):18V
Maximum Power Current(Imp):1.11mA
Maximum System Voltage(Imp): 1000DC
Size :410*340*17mm
STC:lrradiance1000w/m2,Temperature 25℃,AM=1.5

✈ Charge Controller
System current: 10A
No-load loss: 10mA / 12V; 13mA / 24V
Solar input voltage: <55V
System voltage: 12V / 24V Auto
Overvoltage protection: 17.0V
Balanced charging voltage: 14.6V
Boost charging voltage: 14.4V
Floating charge voltage: 13.8V
Boost charging return voltage: 13.2V
Over discharge return voltage: 12.5V
Undervoltage: 12.0V
Over discharge voltage: 11.0V
Light control voltage: light control on 5V, light control off 6V
Overload and short circuit protection: 1.25 rated current 30 times second; 1.5 times rated current 5 seconds overload protection action; ≥ 3 rated current short circuit protection
Weight: 140g

✈ packing list
1. 1 pcs solar panel
2. 10A 12V/24V controller
3. 1 set Extension cable with PV connector
4. 1 set cable with alligator clip and PV connecter


1. The design of IP68 waterproof level and aluminum shell helps effectively prevent erosion.

2. 12V / 24V system voltage.

3. LED digital display and waterproof keys operation are easy to use.

4. Improve the three-stage charging algorithm to balance the battery once a week to effectively prevent battery imbalance and the Vulcanization phenomenon improves battery life.

5. Five load working modes, convenient for use on various street lights and monitoring equipment.

6. Seal, gel, flooded lead-acid batteries, ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate and other battery charging procedures are optional.

7. External temperature sensor with high precision temperature compensation.

8. Parameter setting save function when power off, no need to repeat setting, easy and fast to use.

9. With overcharge, over-discharge, overload protection, electronic short circuit protection, and anti-reverse connection protection.

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