Xinpuguang Portable 150W off-grid Outdoors Camping RV Solar Panel

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Xinpuguang Portable 150W off-grid Outdoors Camping RV Solar Panel for rv,boat,yacht,car.

☀HIGH EFFICIENCY: use the most efficient 22-25% rsolar cell to fabricate the flexible solar panels; Excellent weak light sensitivity, making efficiency even higher
☀WEATHER RESISTANCE: solar panel and junction box are water resistant, adaptable to all weather,rain or snow, hot or cold, making the flexible solar panel more durable.


Power: 150W
Working voltage: 20V
Open circuit voltage: 24V
Maximum working current: 7.5A
Short circuit current: 9A
Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Foldable Size :660X445X18mm
Expand Size:1345X660X3mm
Material: Monocrystalline cell
Weight : 3.9kg

✈(Portale & Foldable) The 150W foldable solar panel This solar panel weighs 8.59lb (3.9kg), fold size 26.18x18.30x1.1 inch, with solar charger controller and cables integrated into one kit make the solar panel charging kits smallest space and lowest weight. After folding and fixing in a bag, it’s easy to take whether to put into somewhere in your car. With a charging controller, you can charge your 12V battery directly or with USB output to charge your mobile phone, IPad,digital cameras, GPS, etc.

✈(Waterproof & Durable) Made of waterproof Oxford cloth for outdoor durability. Solar panels are water-resistant to withstand a variety of weather conditions, making them ideal for camping, mountaineering, hiking, picnics, and other outdoor activities. (The waterproof level of the controller is not high, so please ensure that the controller is dry.)

✈(High - Efficiency & Stabilizing) With high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, the power generation efficiency is more than 1.2 times that of conventional polysilicon. Ideally suited for the outdoor camping life and even unexpected power outages

✈(Wide range of uses) This kit brings mobile solar power for RVs, caravans, motor homes, trucks, golf cars, boats as well as all outdoor activities. just plug and play.

✈(What‘s included )1X150W Solar Panel, 1X battery cable, 1X 20A charge controller,1X PV cable ,1X Unipolar aircraft model plug cable.

1. How to use rechargeable batteries:

(1) First connect the controller battery terminal line with the crocodile clip cable.
(2) Clip the red and black clips of the crocodile clip to the positive and negative terminals of the battery, respectively.
(3) Connect the output line of the solar folding bag with the photovoltaic input line of the controller.
(4) If there is a DC load, connect the DC load to the controller.
(5) Place the foldable solar panel in the sun, and try to make the panel face the sun as much as possible to prevent the obstruction.
(6) Adjust the controller parameters (set the parameters according to the controller's instructions, or set the parameters according to your own requirements, and use the default parameters).

2. How to charge a Portable Power Station:

(1) Select the input port according to the charging port of the portable power Station.
(2) Direct connection to portable power Station.


a. The portable power station has the function of the controller and does not need to be connected through the controller.
b. When used in a portable power station, please check whether the specifications of the portable power station have current limit settings. For example, if the maximum input voltage of the portable power station is 12V and the maximum current is 3.5A, the maximum power of the portable power supply is 60W. Not the power of the solar panel.

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Webster Runolfsson

produit qui fonctionne bien pour un prix juste
je commande un deuxième panneaux pour plus

Frieda Christiansen


Micaela Wiegand

Xinpuguang 150W Monocrystalline Solar Panel v2

Clara Marvin

I now have 6 panels (2 x 3 in parallel) connected to two solar controllers and a 300ah battery bank. At peak sunshine hours each arrey is producing 13+amps

Gunnar Glover


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