What is Solar and Wind Hybrid Generation System

Xinpuguang CEO said,“Solar and wind hybrid generation system uses wind energy and solar energy as the main power supply source of the load, and cooperates with high-efficiency, maintenance free lead-acid or colloidal battery energy storage system to supply new energy to the load. The system is a composite renewable energy power generation system integrating wind energy, solar energy, battery and other energy power generation technologies and system intelligent control technology.

Solar and wind hybrid generation system

Solar and wind hybrid generation system is mainly composed of wind turbine, solar photovoltaic cell module, controller, battery, inverter, AC and DC load, etc. The wind turbine converts wind energy into electric energy to charge the battery, and then the inverter converts the DC in the battery into standard AC.

Inverter is an important part of solar and wind hybrid generation system. It can ensure the normal use of AC load equipment. At the same time, it also has the function of automatic voltage stabilization, which can improve the power supply quality of wind solar complementary power generation system. The inverter of Xinpuguang adopts integrated advanced microprocessor technology and pure sine wave output. All modules are equipped with overload, short circuit, overvoltage / undervoltage and overheating protection. It is an important component of wind solar complementary power supply system.

solar energy solar panel

Solar and wind complementary power generation has the following advantages over wind power generation or photovoltaic power generation alone:

1: Using the complementarity of wind energy and solar energy, a relatively stable output can be obtained, and the system has high stability and reliability;

2: Under the condition of ensuring the same power supply, the capacity of energy storage battery can be greatly reduced;

3: Through reasonable design and matching, the power supply can be basically supplied by the wind solar complementary power generation system, and there is little or no need to start the standby power supply, such as diesel generator set, which can obtain better social and economic benefits.

Solar and wind hybrid generation system

With the development of economy, countries all over the world have gradually realized the importance of energy to mankind and the damage to the environment and ecosystem in the process of conventional energy utilization. Countries have begun to treat and alleviate the deteriorating environment according to their national conditions, and take the development and utilization of renewable and pollution-free new energy as an important part of sustainable development. Wind solar complementary power generation system is a new energy power generation system with high cost performance, which makes use of the complementarity of wind and solar energy resources, and has a good application prospect.

Wind energy and solar energy are clean energy. With the increasing maturity of photovoltaic power generation technology and wind power generation technology and the continuous improvement of products in the process of practicality, it has laid a foundation for the popularization and application of wind solar complementary power generation system. The wind solar complementary power generation system has promoted the development of energy conservation and environmental protection in China and promoted the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. Xinpuguang will also continue to focus on the development and application of green and clean energy, practice the development concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", and jointly contribute to the development of national environmental protection.

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