What are the Reasons for the Daylight of Solar Streetlamps?

What are the Reasons for the Daylight of Solar Streetlamps?

Nowadays, solar streetlamps are installed in urban areas. Solar streetlamps not only bring light to people at night, but also dress up the night of the city. However, some solar streetlamps are turned on during the day, which not only wastes energy, but also cannot work normally at night. So what is the reason why the solar streetlamps are bright in the daytime? Next, XINPUGUANG will give you a detailed introduction.


1: Solar panels convert solar energy into electric energy. The output voltage of the battery board can be used as the basis to turn on the street lamp when the voltage is lower than a certain degree, and turn off the street lamp when the voltage is higher than a certain degree.


2: Object covering; If the solar panel is covered, it will also lead to the abnormal use of solar streetlamps, heavy snow coverage, and dust coverage. When these cover the solar panels, the output voltage of the solar panels will be lower than a certain value, and the solar streetlamps will be triggered and lit.


3. The solar street lamp controller shows the undervoltage state, and the light will not be turned on after dark, but the battery voltage has exceeded the undervoltage value, indicating that the battery is charged. After the battery drops to this voltage point, the controller turns off the power supply and stops discharging, mainly to protect the battery from excessive discharge and affect the subsequent use of the whole equipment. The charging voltage will continue to discharge only when it is charged to 24V (the default value of the controller). The main purpose of this setting is to avoid damage to the battery due to frequent deep discharge. In the case of undervoltage of the battery, if the solar streetlamp controller is not restarted, the voltage between 22.2 V and 24 V belongs to the undervoltage state, and the discharge will continue only when the battery voltage of the solar streetlamp is charged to more than 24V.


4. Photosensitive resistance is particularly sensitive to light. When the light intensity is weak, the resistance is large. As the light becomes stronger, the resistance value decreases. A balance point can be found by sliding the rheostat. When the light is strong, the photosensitive resistance value is small. Using photosensitive resistance has certain disadvantages. Photosensitive resistors have high requirements for installation, and are prone to Miscontrol in rainy and cloudy days.

Solar Streetlamps

The above reasons for the bright day of solar street lights are shared here. In addition, there is a less likely reason is that in rainy weather, the solar radiation absorbed by the solar panel is insufficient, and the power generated is weak. The controller will think that it is dark and the lights will be turned on automatically.


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