The Installation Procedure and Lifespan of PV Components

Whether you install rooftop photovoltaic or outdoor photovoltaic power station, as a loyal customer and friend of SOLARPARTS, we have the responsibility and obligation to let you know the installation precautions of photovoltaic modules, that is, the installation rules of photovoltaic modules followed by the industry. Presumably, you also know that the array arrangement of photovoltaic modules is exquisite. If the photovoltaic power station wants to maximize the power generation benefit, it not only needs reliable and excellent module quality, but also needs scientific installation methods. Specific to the choice of installation address, orientation and inclination angle, etc. Here are some precautions for photovoltaic module installation:

The Installation Procedure and Lifespan of PV Components

1: A gap of more than 50mm is arranged between the assembly and the mounting surface layer to enhance air permeability and facilitate heat dissipation.


2: There is a 20mm gap between the components, which is beneficial to natural ventilation, convenient for natural cooling of the equipment by airflow, and also to prevent leaves from falling into it.


3: The lowest point of photovoltaic module should be 300mm away from the ground. When located on the general ground, it should not be less than 1000mm to prevent splashing on sediment or damage by small animals.


4: The distance between the glass surface of photovoltaic module and the roof surface should be at least 10cm (similar to the gap between modules).


5: The distance between the two ends of the assembly and the keel is not less than 20mm to prevent the side pressure block from falling off. Fixed keel to measure keel installation position. The frame at both ends of the assembly is 300-500mm away from keel.


6: The initial horizontal and vertical spacing of the two components is greater than 20 mm, which is convenient for installation. After the final fixation, the horizontal and vertical spacing is set to 20 mm.


7: The distance between the two ends of the assembly and the keel is not less than 20mm to prevent the side pressure block from falling off. The distance between the assembly frame and the side of the guide rail shall not be less than 20mm.


8: The connecting line between the components should be tied with a tie every 50cm.

The Installation Procedure and Lifespan of PV Components

A well-known problem in the industry is that the ideal service life of photovoltaic power station in the whole life cycle is 25-30 years, which is under the condition of eliminating external interference and equipment self-damage. However, in the actual operation of the power station, some non-human factors will cause component power attenuation, which is full of contingency and needs more prevention. Therefore, the guarantee of the lifespan of photovoltaic power station should be based on maintenance inspection. Avoid troubleshooting problems and hidden dangers, finding and dealing with them as early as possible, improving the operation quality of the power station so as not to bring losses and influences to the normal power generation of the power station.


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