Solar Panels for RV: What should you know?
solar panels for RV

Solar panel systems are not just suitable for houses or commercial properties – it can be a great resource for on-the-go electricity users as well. For example, you can invest in solar panels to power your RV.

RV solar panels can help you run the features and fixtures that make your RV feel like a real home no matter where you are, without the noise, smell and expense of running your propane generator — that is, so long as you are somewhere the sun is shining.

solar panels for RV

Things You Need to Know about Solar Panels for RV

The basics of an RV solar panel system

RV solar panels work in the same way a residential solar installation operates: solar panels convert the sunlight into electricity, and you can use that solar electricity to power your appliances. You can buy specialized portable solar panels designed to be easy to set up and take down for RVs, as well as small or flexible panels that are designed to be mounted on an RV roof.

Here is an overview of the basics parts you need to install and run an RV solar setup.

Solar panels: They do come in various sizes, and you can even purchase additional ones, and add more later, without a whole system overhaul.

Charge controller: A solar charge controller prevents you from overcharging your solar batteries because it controls the power moving from the panels themselves to your battery storage. This is one component that you don’t want to cheap out on.

Solar batteries: You can choose and install storage batteries to store the generated electricity. (Common options are lead acid or lithium-ion)

Inverter: The function of inverter is to convert DC power from the solar panels into AC power, which is used to supply power to your appliances such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioner and so on.

Besides, you will also need proper wires and cables to hook all of your components together, as well as mounting equipment for your solar panels.

The basics of an RV solar panel system

Benefits of RV solar panels

RV solar panels have many benefits that can take your outdoor lifestyle to a whole new level.

1、No need to worry about the electric hookup

Have you ever pulled into an RV park with an electric hookup that is faulty or not compatible with your RV? What’s worse, the campground that you are going to stay may not even offer electric hookups. If you generate your own electricity with RV solar panels, you will not worry about these problems.

2、Enjoy free electricity

Installing RV solar panels and all the necessary accessories such as cables, batteries and mounting equipment requires an amount of money. However, once you power your RV with solar panels, they start to pay for themselves. In just a few years, your RV solar panels will put money back to your pocket.

3、Less pressure on maintenance

Put money and time you once spent maintaining your generator toward something else once you switch to RV solar panels. The cleaning guide foe solar panels is introduced in our previous blog. You may check for it. Solar panels are easy to maintain, so you don’t need to worry about it.

4、Extend the life of your RV solar batteries

RV solar batteries need to recharge gradually and are not supposed to be discharged lower than 25 percent capacity. With the right setup, your RV solar panels can recharge the battery to help extend its lift.

Is it necessary for you to install RV solar panels?

If you are the type of RV owner who plans on spending a lot of time in remote regions without hookup, RV solar panels may be a proper way to generate power and see some long-term savings when compared to a gas generator. However, RV solar panels will not make financial or practical sense for every RV owner. If you spend the majority of your RV using time at campgrounds, you are probably better off hooking up to the local power system and paying the associated fee.

As an RV owner, you can save money by installing an RV solar panel system. But before that, you need to consider if it really suit you best.

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