Photovoltaic + in the application of solar energy forest fire danger detection system

Photovoltaic + in the application of solar energy forest fire danger detection system

Forest fire prevention has always been a thorny problem, and fire may always be caught off guard, especially in hot summer, which is the high incidence season of forest fires. When the climate is dry, there is little rain; Forest fire prevention has always focused on prevention, mainly relying on artificial observation, over-reliance on subjective judgment under experience intervention, and its results are often inaccurate. In order to change this situation and improve the ability of early warning and pre-risk, the solar forest fire detection system was born!


Compared with ordinary video surveillance, the solar forest fire detection system is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which is easy to install and save manpower and material resources. In addition, the adaptability to the external environment is strong, the service life is longer, and the daily maintenance cost is less. SOLARPARTS high- quality monocrystalline flexible solar panel is featured with ultra-light. The serial products adopt waterproof and stabilized connection cassette and DC Wire, which is intelligently compatible with various connection modes. The PET smooth back panel has strong light transmittance and good effect of corrosion and weathering resistance.


For outdoor harsh, environment matching solar panel can better complete monitoring and early warning tasks to improve response speed and ability in timeliness and responsibility. Thus, it ensures scientific decision making in the first time to eliminate or contain fire danger in a controllable range.


Using intelligent image recognition technology, solar forest fire danger monitoring system can achieve uninterrupted automatic monitoring, accurate fire identification, fire point positioning, spread trend deduction and post-disaster analysis report, etc. The ingenious acousto-optic alarm (commonly known as "shouting") function sends out a strong acousto-optic alarm signal to remind the early warning disaster for scientific research and judgment.


Forest fire prevention is of great significance. In order to provide strong technical support for sustainable forest fire prevention work, the corresponding fire prevention standards require more professional and systematic solar forest fire danger monitoring system. And it will be highly valued and be given heavy responsibility.


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