balcony solar plant

balcony solar plant

Nowadays, the rapid development of photovoltaic brings various application of solar panel. For example, a balcony power plant enables the simple use of solar energy without time-consuming installation. The plug-in solar power plants are available as a complete package with solar panel and inverter. We explain how a balcony power plant works, how everyone can contribute to the ecological energy revolution and what must be taken into account when operating it according to standards. The following are details about balcony power plant:


What is the balcony power plant?


Balcony power plants are also popularly called plug-in mini-PV systems, plug-in solar systems, plug & play solar systems or mini solar systems. These are small solar systems that usually consist of only one or two solar panels and supply the generated electricity to the household grid through a wall outlet. The generated electricity is usually used for personal consumption and not for sale, given the amount of electricity generated.


How does a balcony power plant work?


The operation of a plug-in solar system or balcony power plant is very simple: when the sun’s rays fall on the solar panel, the energy is converted into direct current. An inverter then converts the direct current into alternating current. This is connected via a power cable to the power outlet through which the generated electricity is fed into the household power grid. For operation according to the standard, this requires a special energy plug-in device.


The components of a balcony power plant


A balcony power plant usually consists of the four components:


PV Module


The photovoltaic module of the balcony power plant is the most important component of the micro-PV system. In terms of the efficiency and conversion rate, the monocrystalline solar panels have a higher efficiency and therefore provide a higher energy yield, which might be the best choice for a balcony power plant.




The inverter converts the direct current generated by the solar panel into alternating current.


Cable and plug


The plug and socket may be different for the balcony power system. For use according to the standard, a mini solar power system requires a special power outlet and a special power plug.


Solar power system balcony mounting rack


For the highest possible electricity yield, users should mount their balcony plant in an optimal location. For this purpose, stands can be used, in which the solar panel is mounted on an angled frame. The disadvantage of stands is the loss of space on the balcony. An alternative is to use brackets for the outside of the balcony.


The advantages of the balcony power plant


Saving money


High-performance solar cells allow the guardrail to generate electricity in the sun, thus saving electricity in the home. It is said that this can save a family up to 90% of its electricity bills.


Privacy protection


The surface of solar glass guardrail can be painted with any color, the most common is black, which has good heat absorption effect and can also protect the privacy of some parts of balconies.


Flexible application


The solar panels on the guardrail can be closed and opened at any time without being removed at all. And except for the guardrail ceiling on the balcony, the sunlight roof of the house can also install it.


High security


Laminated safety glass is used on the solar guardrail. The thickness of glass is usually between 18 and 22mm, and the bearing pressure is much stronger and durable than ordinary glass guardrail.


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balcony solar plant

The Balcony Solar Panel Power Plant  is a miniature photovoltaic module for producing electricity for your home. Equipped with an AC plug and an integrated inverter. Simply plug it into your outlet and it generates its own electricity and connects to your home's grid.

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