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The Balcony Solar Panel Power Plant

Despite its numerous benefits, there are still skeptics when it comes to investing in solar power. There are many misconceptions about this renewable energy solution, and we’re here to set the record straight. Read on as we address some of the solar energy myths and correct some of the misinformation regarding this important alternative energy source.


1: Solar panels are too expensive to install

Many people are resistant to having solar panels installed on their homes because they believe the installation costs are too high. Initial installation costs of residential solar panels vary depending on a number of factors. The size of both the home and the system are the main determining factors of the initial installation costs.


Residential solar panel systems cost anywhere between $15,000 and $40,000 for a 3kW to 8kW system. However if you’re willing to put the work in to install the system yourself, a residential solar panel system will cost between $5,500 and $12,250 for 3kW to 8kW system. While these price ranges may be astonishing, there are plenty of local, state and federal tax incentives and rebates available to offset the initial startup costs of solar systems. When combined, these tax incentives and rebates can reduce installation costs by more than 50% in some cases.


2: The payback period is too long


A common myth decriers of solar energy like to claim is that it takes 25 years before you will see a return on investment in solar energy, but the truth is far different. Depending on the size of your project and the initial investment, you could start seeing an ROI immediately.


A return on investment in solar power is seen when the initial startup costs are paid for in energy savings created by the solar power generated by the system. This payback period depends on how much your initial costs were and how much energy your system can create. If you take advantage of the available credits, your actual investment can be made back in as little as four to six years in some cases and potentially less time if you install your own system.


3: Solar panel raise property taxes


Another one of the top solar power myths is that the addition of solar panels to the home will raise property taxes due to the increase in property value. The truth is that installing residential solar panels will raise a property’s value in many cases. However, most states have some form of protection in place that exempts solar power from being included in the home’s appraisal for the purposes of calculating property taxes. Additionally, many other states offer property tax credits for solar panel installation should their home’s value increase and causes property taxes to rise.


4: You won`t have energy at night


solar panels can only produce energy when there is sunlight. So, while solar energy cannot be produced at night, most systems produce enough energy during the day that it creates a surplus. This surplus is due to the system producing more energy than what the household actually uses.

In grid-tied systems, this surplus energy is sent back to the grid for homes to draw on as a credit when needed, like at night. The energy surplus also eases the demand that other households have for conventional energy.


5: Solar panels are unsightly


Many people feel that installing solar panels on their roof will detract from their home’s curb appeal. However, with the growing ubiquity of solar panels, they are becoming much more widely accepted and don’t stand out as much anymore. Consumers can also choose different color schemes, such as black or silver frames and black or blue cells. Additionally, homeowners can choose how they want their panels to be installed, whether it’s on top of the roof or in the yard.


The above are five common misconceptions of solar panel, keep following with XINPUGUNAG to know another ten misconceptions!


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The Balcony Solar Panel Power Plant

The Balcony Solar Panel Power Plant  is a miniature photovoltaic module for producing electricity for your home. Equipped with an AC plug and an integrated inverter. Simply plug it into your outlet and it generates its own electricity and connects to your home's grid.


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