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We have always heard one question from readers and potential buyers that what is the right time/ season to install a solar system in one’s premises. It is often seen that buyers are skeptical about installing a solar system in the rainy season or during winters. Please remember that solar is not a seasonal product. We are lucky to be living in the part of the world which receives the sun’s rays throughout the year. So the right time to install a solar system is when the sun shines bright!


There are a few misconceptions about installing a solar system. In this article, XINPUGUANG will try to answer all those questions which have crossed a buyer’s mind before thinking of installing a solar system in his home, office, etc.


1: Non-seasonal product

One of the most popular questions is whether solar is a seasonal product? Now, how do we define a seasonal product? Take, for example, a cooler or a heater or a geyser. These are all seasonal appliances as a consumer needs them only for a particular season and packs and keeps them away till the next year. But it is not so in the case of a solar system. Solar panels are functional for 365 days of 25 years, that you have the warranty for. The sun shines each day and you need to run your light or fan every day at least. This will be taken care of, by the solar system. So Solar Panel is a non-seasonal product. It is perfectly capable of working 300 days out of 365 days a year.


2: Weather conditions

The second misconception that people have is about the influence of weather conditions of a place on the functioning of the solar system. It is true that the climate of a place will have a direct impact on the working of your solar system. But as we have mentioned earlier, it is not like India does not receive sunlight at all. As long as there are sun’s rays falling in your home, your solar system will function. Nowadays, solar panels capable of working efficiently even in low-light conditions are available in the market. As per solar expert's view, solar panel generates 10% to 25% power generation in rainy seasons. 


3: Consumption VS Production

Few critics may argue that the output of a solar system is less in winters as the sun is not very strong at that time. Yes, there will be some difference, but do not forget that your consumption pattern also reduces during that time. When your consumption of power is high e.g. in summers, the production of power from solar panels is also high. It is also seen that AC appliances use a large amount of power. It is recommended that customers should install DC appliances as they consume low power to run.


4: Real use case

Installing a solar system makes complete sense for people in small towns, villages in order to become independent of the grid. Though it is claimed that power has reached to the remotest parts of the country, electricity does not resume at a rapid pace in times of natural adversities like heavy rains or floods, unlike in big cities. It was seen during the recent floods in parts of the country were still struggling for power. If consumers had a solar system in place they would have power irrespective of the main power supply.



We hope you enjoyed the article and gained some insight into installing a solar system. Currently, it’s the rainy season. Are you still thinking why do I install solar panels in the rainy season? Well, the answer is to run TV, light, and fans. The power generated by a solar system is enough to meet your day-to-day power needs.


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