How to Even Your Energy Bill This Summer


With the trend of global warming, have you found that this summer is hotter than before? Turning the air-conditioner on for almost 24 hours, when you enjoy the comfortable cold, the energy bill is upsurging. You begin to aware that the electric bills cost more and more every year, especially when hot summer hits. When those temperatures start to rise, so does your energy bill. But there are ways you can reduce your energy use, lower your carbon footprint, and lower your electric bill at the same time. Are your electric bills too high? Discover how to save money on energy bills by going solar in the summer!


Using solar to offset your costs


There are a lot of ways to go solar. You can be fully off the grid and power your entire home, or you can choose to power some of your more power-draining appliances with solar and simply reduce your use of traditional energy (and your electric bills cost), rather than eliminate it entirely.


Power your summertime essentials with solar


You can use solar panels to power your biggest energy draw during the hottest months of the year—like your air conditioner and your pool pump.


Go solar a few panels at a time


It’s possible to design a system that is open to adding more panels as time goes on and your energy needs change. You can use solar to offset your energy use with free renewable energy today and then expand your system to include even more clean energy as time goes on. Naturally, your electric bills cost less as you use less energy!


Conserving solar energy and using less energy


While solar energy is renewable and clean, to make the most of it, there are other ways to save even more energy that can reduce that heavy carbon footprint that also makes your electric bills too high. Here are a few energy-saving tips that can help your home use less solar energy, so you can store it, or sell it, and stay cool all summer long. And here are 5 ways to even your energy bill on this summer


1: Set your thermostat right to reduce your electric bills cost

Having a small difference between the outside temperature and what you set your thermostat at will go a long way to keeping your cooling costs at bay


2: Turn off fans and lights when you leave a room

Fans do a good job of keeping us cool, but they don’t actually cool the air in the room. Remembering to turn them off, or setting them on timers or motion detectors, can save you energy and money.


3: Weather strip your doors and windows

Keeping the cool air in and the hot air out will help your big energy drivers like your air conditioner to not work as hard, naturally cutting your electric bills cost. Adding weather stripping to windows and doors to prevent leaks can save you money on your cooling costs every month.


4: Take a cold shower

Your water heater can also make your electric bills too high, and when you think about it, do we really need steaming hot showers in the middle of summer? Set your water heater at less than 120 degrees to keep costs down.


5: Maintain your air filters and your condenser

Make cooling your home as easy as possible for your air conditioner and you’ll find it works less so your electric bills cost less! This means keeping fresh air filters in place and inspecting your condenser or other parts to make sure they’re clean and clear to do their thing.


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