Xinpuguang 100W 12V ETFE Portable Solar Panel For Outdoors Camping w1

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Xinpuguang 100W 12V ETFE Portable Low Light Solar Panel For Outdoors Camping For off-grid Outdoors,Camping and road trip. 

☀HIGH EFFICIENCY: use the most efficient 22-25% rsolar cell to fabricate the flexible solar panels; Excellent weak light sensitivity, making efficiency even higher

☀WEATHER RESISTANCE: solar panel and junction box are water resistant, adaptable to all weather,rain or snow, hot or cold, making the flexible solar panel more durable.

Maximum power of solar panel : 100W
Operating Voltage: 23V
Operating Current: 4.35A
Open circuit voltage: 27.7 V
Short circuit current: 4.78 A
Operating temperature range: -10 ~ 65°C
DC output: 23V/4.35A
USB output: 5V/3A (USB1); 5V/3.6A, 9V/2.5A, 12V/2A (USB2)
Solar cell: Monocrystalline silicon cells Dimensions folded: 58.42X21.25X0.6inch(1484*540*15mm)
Dimensions unfolded: 31.81X21.25X0.19 inch(808*540*5mm)
Weight: 7.93lb(3.6kg)

High-Efficiency Cell: PERC 9BB technology monocrystalline silicon cell, the conversion rate is as high as 23%. Double-sided power generation. The performance is more stable. Reduce electron recombination, Reduced heat absorption to improve efficiency.
Portable Solar :Folding design, the area of the solar panel is reduced, the folded size is 21.25x15.9x0.4inch. The weight is 7.9lb. With the handle, you can easily carry it outdoors. Placed on the RV, the trunk of the car and other places will not occupy a large space.
DC Out Ports:23V DC regulated output, charging portable power station and 12V battery. Configured with different input interface cables, compatible with different styles of portable power station on the market. Connecting alligator clips can charge 12V batteries for RVs, yachts, cars, etc.
Dual USB Out Ports:Dual USB output ports, USB1: 5V/3A, USB2: 5V/3.6A, 9V/2.5A, 12V/2A. Designed for USB input products. Mobile phones, tablets, cameras, drones, power banks, etc. Very Suitable for outdoor. Help you solve the problem of outdoor power shortage.
ETFE and Fiberglass Design:Advanced photovoltaic lamination technology, surface covered with ETFE, strong light transmission, strong heat resistance, corrosion resistance. The glass fiber board is attached to the back for better heat dissipation and durability.

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Grant Jast

Bon produit maintenant à installé notice pas en français

Neoma Christiansen

bon produit fonctionne mais pas exploiter a fond pour voir les capacités

Augustus Daugherty

super satisfait pour ma première installation solaire

Arden Kshlerin

Will do business again with the seller!

Shanon Hane

tudo ok, ainda vou testar.
envio rápido pelo vendedor

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