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With light weight flexible xinpuguang solar panel to power up your outdoor life

Think about how much time you spent outside last week. Camping, hiking, outdooring, really “outside”, walking from the car into the shopping mall doesn’t count.——xinpuguang solar 
Now think about how much time you spent indoors-watching TV, surfing on your mobile phone, playing video games.
Going outdoor is good for our healthy and you can enjoy the fresh air! After five days full time working, you may feel tired with indoor light, dirty air and stressed, dizzied with concrete environment. Exploring in the forest, desert, wildland and taking some physical activities. Going out relieves stress and lets us feel free and creative. Just being exposed to the great outdoors does wonders.
Taking your kits outside and playing with toys and do some outdoor training with other kids. They can enjoy the fresh air and enhance their body and become more creative.
Ok, going outside has so many advantages. So let’s do something prepared and go out with our family and friends. A caravan, camping car, trailer, or camper is a good choice for a long journey outside. Going to Tibet in China or outback in Australia is a big challenge. You must prepare enough food, water and fuel to get your device fully powered!
You can get fruit, any vegetable and pure water with a filter. When your fuel runs out, where can you get enough power. In case, there is some urgent, what can we do?
Solar power! Absorb sunlight and convert into electricity to charge your devices! Anywhere, under the sunlight, with our solar panel, you can charge your car battery, solar generator, mobile phone, GPS, camera and so on.
What you need to get power from the sunlight? We provide flexible solar panel, controller, inverter, battery, cables, connectors, just plug and play! You can choose the standard solar panel kits or advise your details request, our engineer will design the solar system depending on your electricity consumption!
How to calculate the solar panel by your devices? For a 200W solar panel, it can produce about 0.8KWH electricity per day. A 12V fridge, 160W, the electricity produced by a 200W solar panel one day can charge the 200W fridge 6 hours. Most caravan and camping car roof can be installed about 400-800W solar panel. The flexible solar panel can produce about 1.6KWH-3.2KWH electricity power day.
Our flexible solar panel is made from textured ETFE and high efficiency monocrystalline solar cell. It has 15 years lifetime so that it’s the most economical way to install the flexible solar panel on your caravan.
The solar panel can be bended up to 80 degree and light weight(only 0.7kg per square meter). With double sticky tapes on backside and eyelet on each corner, it can be installed on the car roof directly or fixed by screw or Zipper!
What’s the benefit with our flexible solar panel?
A quiet power supply, under the sunlight, the semi-flexible solar panel charges the battery quietly, not like the fuel generator with loud noise! Especially in the night, do not warry about your fuel generator’s noise.
Free-maintenance, there is solar controller between the solar panel and battery which can protect the battery over discharged or over charged.
Green energy, no toxic emission, just absorb the sunlight and convert into electricity.
Safety power supply, the solar power kits is just 36V system voltage, it’s safe for human.
Economical power supply, no warry about the fuel bill, just one time investment, it can keep your battery charged all the way as long as there is sunlight.

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