solar panels

solar panels


When you install a solar system on your roof, then in the next couple of days, your neighbors or friends are likely do the same with you. Have you ever found this phenomenon? And beyond catching a neighbor`s eye with your sleek solar installation, what`s the best way to start conversations with friends and family about solar energy? Here a few tips that make referring others a little easier.


Share the benefits of your solar system


Word of mouth is powerful, especially when you have experienced the benefits of your solar system firsthand. Whether you’re pulling out your phone to highlight your recent savings or proudly showing off your solar array, using your personal experience to encourage others to choose solar energy is one of the best advantages you have. It’s no surprise that becoming part of sunpower’s world savers has a positive impact on the planet and your community.


Solar energy helps reduce carbon emissions which promotes cleaner air. Whenever the subject of climate change comes up with a neighbor, co-worker or family member, you already have the upper hand. In fact, you can easily discuss how you are playing a role in the 94 Million Metric tons of carbon that sunpower has offset since 2005. Just tap on the analyze tab and scroll to the environmental savings section. But environmental benefits aren’t all solar power has to offer. Homeowners that adopt solar energy are also helping stabilize the electrical grid by generating power on their roofs. Relying less on the grid in times of high demand like extreme weather events can reduce the threat of blackouts or power outages. 


Look for change of life events


There are plenty of instances that can require a home to consume more electricity. From adding a pool to growing your family, rising utility rates can compound when these types of changes take place. Even buying an electric vehicle can have a significant impact on your home’s utility bill, increasing consumption by as much as 30%. When a homeowner generates solar energy, these changes become much more manageable economically. Add in the fact that XINPUGUANG customizes a homeowner’s solar system based on their current and even future energy use, and your referrals can be set for years to come.


Point out the advantages of sunpower


If you’ve managed to get your referral to start thinking about solar energy, great job! The next step is to show them why solar energy is the best choice for their installation. This should be a fairly easy task, given we’re the longest standing solar company in the nation. That reputation comes with years of experience and a trustworthy Complete Confidence Warranty that covers your solar system and all of its components. 


XINPUGUANG solar panels are responsibly sourced and rigorously quality tested energy solution for your home. And you can easily check up on their progress with panel level monitoring. XINPUGUANG also offers a variety of industry-class clean energy solutions for the whole home. Get started sharing solar energy with everyone you know.


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