About Distributed PV Power Station, You Must Know

Many people have a vague understanding of distributed photovoltaic power plants. The following examples are some of the longest-used or encountered problems about distributed photovoltaic power plants. Hoping the explanation can help you better understand distributed photovoltaic power plants.

Distributed PV Power Station

1: According to the location of our country, it is mainly temperate monsoon, temperate continental or subtropical monsoon climate Therefore, the area where photovoltaic power stations can be installed is between 18 ~ 50 north latitude.


2: For the capacity problem of distributed photovoltaic power station, according to the calculation of comprehensive factors and practical construction experience, it is finally determined that the installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic power station is about 70Wp/m for cement house (flat roof) and about 100Wp/m for color steel roof (inclined roof)


3:The types and specifications of photovoltaic modules in photovoltaic power stations are divided into monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon and amorphous silicon (thin film). Three common modules are polysilicon. The common specifications are 1m*1. 6m in size and 260W in power.


4: If the power generation of photovoltaic power station is 10KW, for example, the annual power generation is about 14710 degrees, and the average daily power generation is about 40 degrees.


5: The service life of photovoltaic power stations is usually not less than 25 years.


6: The grid-connected modes of distributed photovoltaic power stations can be divided into two types: "spontaneous self-use, surplus power grid" and "full grid connection".

Distributed PV Power Station

7:The cost of distributed photovoltaic power generation system (including photovoltaic modules, grid-connected inverters, cables, mounting brackets, meters, monitoring equipment, etc.) will change with the fluctuation of market supply and demand, the technical progress and efficiency improvement of photovoltaic industry, and it is related to the system capacity. Generally, it is calculated according to the single watt price of the system. For example, the domestic market price in 2021 is generally around 4 yuan, and the capacity installed by ordinary household users is about 5 kW, and the total cost is about 20,000 yuan.


8: The investment return of distributed photovoltaic power generation system is about 12, 000 ~ 40, 000 yuan for household grid-connected distributed system based on the average household installation amount of not more than 30 modules and the average system capacity is about 3-10KW and the cost per watt is about 4 yuan The cost can be recovered in 2-3 years or so according to the lighting conditions, the electricity revenue generated in the remaining 19-22 years will become a profit However, with the high electricity price of enterprises, the cost recovery time of corresponding enterprises' power stations will be greatly shortened.


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